My PhD has finally got under way. Imperial College is not intimidating at all which is a relief. I have been given a desk in a room with other PhD students and have a shiny new and fast PC. The nice man from the computer support groups has set me up with Linux and Windows. I think I shall be using Linux as a preference. I have just spent 11 years as a Windows programmer and am glad not to have to be forced to use a particular OS and that particular OS.

I have signed up for a few personal development courses. The first one is on giving presentations which is something that scares me a lot. Not the course but presenting, doh!  I am prone to collapse into a quivering lump of jelly when put in front of an audience. I have to take seminar groups as part of my PhD so it looks like ill be forced to get over my hang ups. I also found it amusing that there is a networking course, not as in computer networks silly! but networking as in making contacts with people. I am quite socially retarded so this came as a nice surprise and I signed up for it too. All they really need to complete me as a fully rounded person is a course in how to talk to women 🙂

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